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When you first visit a reflexologist, your practitioner will discuss your
medical history with you. This is to enable them to consider if any treatment
should be given consent from your GP This also helps you to get to know
your practitioner and you may have lots of question which you will want

Normally your treatment will start with relaxation techniques to help you
get use to having your feet worked on. Shortly afterwards your reflexologist
will start to work on both of your feet (You may also find that your hands are
worked on too) . The reflexologist will be looking for imbalances in your feet.

Each part of your foot corresponds to the relevant part of your body.
Reflex areas are found on the soles, top and sides of your foot. Your hand
also has reflex areas on the palm and back of the hand.

The feet are divided into 5 zones on each foot, this produces 10
longitudinal zones as discovered by Dr. William Fitzgerald. After discovering
zone therapy, he produced charts to explain this :

Each foot can also be divided into five sections across the foot, this
includes both the front and the back of the foot.

Using the ten longitudinal zones and the five sections, it is possible to
visualize which part of the foot corresponds to that area of the body. It can
also pin point your feelings and even the five elements ; Ether , Air , Fire ,
Water and Earth.

The treatment is usually a pleasant experience and induces a deep state
of relaxation which helps to alleviate physical and mental stress. This
encourages the body to heal.

As the body is brought into balance, various healing reactions can occur.
The body rids itself of toxins resulting in an increased activity in the
eliminating systems. These reactions are temporary and indicate that the
treatment is having some effect on your body.

Your treatment can last up to one hour and afterwards you must comply
with the after care advise which your reflexologist will give you.

When your reflexologist stimulates the reflex areas of your foot, your
body’s natural electric energy works along side the nervous system and the
meridian lines to clear any blockage on those lines and in the corresponding

Treatment can also break up crystal deposits (calcium from the
bloodstream) which feels like grit under your skin. These deposits interfere
with your natural flow of the body’s energy.


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