Contra – Indications ( Reflexology)

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We all have to work to rules and regulations, whatever our occupation.

Your reflexologist has a set of rules and regulations to work within. They are

there to protect both you and your reflexologist. The following is a list

guidelines to help your reflexologist to decide if you should be treated. The

first three are contra – indications. This is when it is not advisable to be given

reflexology. The rest of the list is to outline when treatment can be given,

however great care must be given to each case :

  1. Contagious Or Acute Infectious Diseases It is very unwise to receive treatment, as this may cause cross infection.
  2. Gangrene Of Legs Or Feet It is only wise to have hand reflexology.
  3. Internal Bleeding Treatment should only be given AFTER the problem has been diagnosed and treated by a medical practitioner.
  4. Acute Inflammation Of Venous And Lymphatic Systems / Deep Vein Thrombosis / Phlebitis Treatment should be given with great care and it is advisable that your reflexologist should work closely with your GP.
  5. Pregnancy / Unstable Pregnancies (Miscarriage) Again treatment should be given with caution with in the first 14 – 16 weeks and with all unstable pregnancies. After this stage of the pregnancy, light treatments would be beneficial – especially for morning sickness.
  6. Use Of Heavy Drug Medication / Alcohol / Drug Abuser Treatment should be followed very carefully. You may not respond to the treatment. There is a danger of expelling important medication.
  7. Damaged Areas / Scars / Bruises / Cuts Although it is quite alright to have treatment, areas which are painful or recent scar tissue should be avoided.
  8. Conditions Where Surgery Is Indicated / After Surgery If extra care is given, treatment can help you prepare for surgery and help to strengthen afterwards.
  9. Swollen Areas / Oedema As with all painful or inflamed areas, caution should be taken.
  10. Osteoporosis / Decalcification / Malunion Of Bone / Poor Healing Of Fracture / Fractures Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the damaged bones or fracture. Clients over the age of 60, should receive light treatment as they are more prone to osteoporosis.
  11. Psychosis / Manic Depression / Paranoia Although reflexology is very helpful to the patient, your reflexologist should really have some counselling experience to deal with these conditions.


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