The Benefits Of Reflexology

Thursday, 27 December 2007 | | |

Reflexology has many benefits, however I personally think that the main
benefit is that it reduces stress. The majority of today’s illnesses are caused
by stress, infact it is believed that seventy five percent of illness is stress
related. How many times have you heard someone say that they are feeling a
little " run down " and are in the need of a tonic ? If everyone spent fifteen
minuets quality time each day on themselves and used this time to relax, then
this would help their body to improve their general health. However, who has
time for themselves these days ? This so called tonic can be offered by
reflexology in a complete natural way. It uses no drugs and apart from the
healing crisis ( which really is a sign of improvement ) has no side effects.

During each session of reflexology that you have, more than 70,000
nerves are stimulated. Stress and tension are reduced and you become more
relaxed. Crystal deposits which block the body’s natural pathways are broken
down and allow your energy to flow more freely. Your body will start to have a
feeling of well being and aches and pains will be reduced. Poisons which we
take in from foodstuffs and even drinks like tea and coffee are detoxified and
encourage the body to heal itself.

The main point to remember is that although you will receive many
benefits, reflexology helps to generate your well being. However there is no
promise that the treatment will cure !


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